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Preserved Roses & Care:

The stabilisation of roses is very popular these days. The application of this process already started in the nineteen eighties and has become increasingly modernised since then. The latest techniques ensure that fresh roses last for more than several months. The process of stabilising is only applied to the best of hand cut roses. Once the roses have reached their optimum development stage they are treated with an advanced technical process in which their natural sap is replaced by a liquid mixture of glycerine, water and dyes. 

Preserved Roses are real roses and as such will take on different characteristics during their lifespan. The first thing to note is that these roses have been stored in a cool and dark environment and have not been exposed until you remove the lid, once the lid is removed the roses will react to their new environment, their petals may open, roses can also change texture and shape and overtime their colour may change or fade, just like a fresh rose.  It’s important not to touch the roses as they are delicate and can crack and get damage when manhandled.  It’s also highly important that you do not remove the roses from the box, roses stay in the box for their whole life time and are not designed to be removed from original packaging. 

In general preserved flowers are very easy to care for and with very little attention they should give you many months of pleasure, however they hold no guarantees. For best results we suggest you follow these guidelines: 

-Do not water

-The roses stay in the box for their whole life time​

-Avoid high humidity and direct sunlight as it may cause colour to fade 


-All preserved flowers are for indoor use only


-Avoid crushing, pressing or folding the petals

-Occasional gentle dusting off may be required

*Do take note that preserved roses colour may fade and size may shrink after a few months!


PLEASE NOTE: Preserved Products have no guarantees as to their longevity.

We guarantee that you will receive your arrangement as shown on our website. 

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